Monday, August 5, 2013

Fox at Home

Fox has been a different “Grandma” experience for me than Paisley was.  I think part of that is due to the fact that Paisley was the first grandchild (and child for her parents), and also because I stayed over at the Lackey house for a couple of nights or so in my effort to help out.  The Fox experience was complicated by the fact that I was okay for a few days after he was born, but then I got sick.  While I felt like helping, we all knew that a sick baby and/or toddler was the last thing they needed over there, so I stayed home until  we didn’t think I was contagious.  Even at that, most of my “helping” has consisted of taking Paisley for little outings or hanging out with her at home, in an effort to provide her with a little special attention and to give her mother a chance to concentrate on Fox.  Poor Fox has had problems with “colic” – later diagnosed as reflux – and just some general digestive issues which have been causing distress for him and loss of sleep for his family.  All of the pictures I have are pictures which I have pilfered from Mandy; however, it’s probably good since she takes much better pictures than I do!

Paisley has been generally taken with her new brother – except for the part where he keeps everyone awake at night.  Paisley found it a little hard having to share her parents' attention at first, but she has been a real trooper as of late.  I believe these pictures were taken when they first brought Fox home:

Mandy has taken quite a few pictures, as time has allowed.  I had really thought that Fox would simply look like a male version of Paisley.  Not so.  So far, he reminds me of Mandy when she was this age.  But really, he just looks like his own little person:

He has the most incredible feet, and I find myself “gobbling” and kissing them every chance I get (although I don’t know how many years that will last!):

The family had a photographer come to their house not too long ago and take pictures.  They are beautiful:

I guess the thing that has surprised me the most is how much I love this little guy.  I had worried that there would be no way that I could love another one as much as I love the World’s Most Beautiful Girl, but somehow… it happened!   He is wonderful!