Monday, July 16, 2012

Alone…But Not Lonely

When we lost our lovely Ruby Chicken, I was concerned that Opal would be lonely.  I was so concerned, in fact, that I even got another chicken, Pearl, who in the end turned out to be an Earl (for a flashback, click here).
After (P)Earl went back to his original owners, we didn’t even try to get another hen.  By then, Opal had made it clear that being Queen of the Coop was just fine with her.  I’ve tried to schedule a little more time for Opal so that she can free-range more often in the yard.  And the one good thing about having only one chicken is that when it is blazing hot outside (it’s Texas, ya’ll), I can bring her inside during the hottest part of the day and put her in a dog crate that’s sitting in my craft room.  Opal has let me know that she really, really likes air conditioning – she snuggles right down and rests.  I know, I know…but I’m just a pushover!
Opal has always liked to cuddle with us in the evenings, but lately she has really taken a shine to Robert.  She doesn’t confine her snuggling to the dusky hours, but feels free to pester him at any time, even when he’s busy doing something:

She also still loves to get in the one flower bed that I have that is of a more ornamental nature and she just scratches it to pieces.  Robert put up these cute little pieces of picket fencing for me:

It still doesn’t keep her out, but at least it looks cute.
Yes, my Opal seems to like being the Lone Ranger just fine.  High-yo Silver!