Monday, February 6, 2012

Congratulations, Robert!

This is a post that is long overdue…chalk it up to being just one of many things that I should have done already.  Back in December, while I was at the VA Hospital with Mom, Robert was being presented with a very special award related to his profession.  Although I was not able to be there, Mandy surprised her dad by showing up for the award ceremony.   It meant a lot to her father to have her there, and I am so grateful that she felt the desire to do that.  She took this wonderful picture:

Here is the write-up as it appeared in the city newsletter, “Cedar Hill Highlights”:
Woodbury Earns Member of Year Award
Robert Woodbury, left, Civil Engineer for the City of Cedar Hill, celebrates his Member of the Year award from the North Central Branch of APWA (American Public Works Association) with Public Works Director Elias Sassoon.
After attending a few round-table discussions for Public Works directors and city engineers, Robert realized that construction inspectors did not have a similar venue to discuss their profession and challenges in the construction field.  Robert petitioned the local board to support the idea of conducting roundtables throughout the DFW area.  He received the award for his efforts coordinating the inspectors’ meetings at several locations this year.”
Needless to say, his wife is quite proud of him (even if she didn’t show that in a timely manner)!