Sunday, August 14, 2011

Alan at Yellowstone

“What ever happened to Alan?” some of you who know us may be wondering.  It has been awhile since I’ve focused on him, so this little entry will get everyone updated.
As you know, Alan returned to work his second season at Yellowstone National Park.  While last year was “okay”, it really was just “okay”.  This year, I have been informed by Alan that he is having the time of his life.  A large part of this is due to the fact that he really has the hang of everything now, plus there is a certain status that is afforded the Yellowstone “sophomores” that just isn’t held by their “freshmen”.  On top of everything else, he got a promotion from being a sales clerk at the Old Faithful Inn Gift Shop to someone who does more with inventory, etc., and I am very proud of him!  The only down side of all of this good news is that the first year he was gone I received a LOT of phone calls, but this year I only hear from him now and then.  However, he’s busy working and having fun, and I can’t be too sad about that.  Therefore, I am left with downloading pictures from his Facebook page and telling as much as I know about them.  I had wanted Alan to write a blog (“Alan at Yellowstone”); however, the internet there apparently is mind-numbingly slow, and uploading a picture here and there is all that Alan feels like messing with.  I guess I will do my best to include him on our family blog.  So here goes:
There are quite a few activities for the workers, both company sponsored and non-company sponsored.  I’m not really sure what this picture is about:

I am amazed at how many pictures there are on his FB page with Alan and all kinds of girls!  For a guy who used to be a wallflower, he sure has a lot of girls around him!  Here is one of the few pictures that his mother feels comfortable showing (I think this may be “Toni” – she’s the girl who introduced Alan to camping and she actually chops wood for the Inn at times – what a woman!  Too bad she already has a boyfriend!  I was also intrigued by how much they seem to resemble one another):

Alan has been artistic ever since he was old enough to hold a pencil.  His bosses at the gift shop have called on him regularly to decorate the store windows.  Here is one of the windows from the 4th of July weekend:

It appears the theme for that week had something to do with the 1970’s because he had several pictures of workers dressed in 70’s garb:

The gift shop itself seems quite cozy and quaint.  (I sure wish I worked there!):

Alan has applied to stay during the winter season, but since the number of available spots is much more limited during the winter, he has not yet heard if he will be staying.  He and a couple of friends have actually discussed getting an apartment together and getting jobs in Bozeman and just staying there.  His mother is waiting anxiously to hear!