Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pod Alert: Everything Old is New Again!

I often have trouble sleeping, and I spend most nights tossing and turning, counting down the hours until time to get up. “If I go to sleep now, I could still get two hours…” But lately, time seems like it’s ticking away, and I hate wasting time. So this morning I decided to finish up a project that I had started before Pod’s baby shower (supposed to be a gift), but just was not able to complete.

It’s a little set of stuffed toys – a mouse family to be exact. They were something that I bought as a panel of material, simply cut out, then sewed together, stuffed, and finished off. Nothing impressive as far as imagination and skill go. However, I am still excited at the idea of giving them to Pod because, you see, I bought that panel of material over 28 years ago, and Pod’s mother had a set just like them (even down to the amateurish sewing). Why I bought two panels at that time I don’t remember. But I did, and it occurred to me not too long ago that I had one still tucked away in my old sewing box. A ride in the washer and it was as good as new.

When I made Mandy’s mice I did all of the sewing by hand. I decided to try using the sewing machine for Pod’s, and in the process I learned that I need a lot more practice making curves and turns with my Singer! I don’t think that I will be called upon to share my skills any time soon! Still, how can you not love rodents (think Chewka Marie)? The little toys are soft and squishy, just perfect for Pod to gnaw on. And since they are not too “la-ti-da”, even if one of the bassets decide that they need one, my feelings won’t be too hurt (a lesson in sharing for Pod).

Here’s the little family, first for Mandy, and now for my sweet Pod:

I can’t wait until Pod gets here!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pod Alert: Not A Shower – A Downpour!

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to be the hostess for a baby shower for Mandy and Jeromy and Pod. This was a new experience for me, and I was grateful that Mandy was willing to have it at her house. This actually worked out well, since her house has a lot more open space than mine, and the bonus for her was that she didn’t have to figure out how to get all of her stuff home! And let me tell you, there was a LOT of stuff. I have never seen as many presents in my life, and ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that they got was just adorable.

I had visions of having a blog filled with tons of pictures, but alas, just after they got started opening gifts, my camera gave me the “Memory Full” alert. Curses! How is it even possible that someone as awful at taking pictures as I am could have spawned a child who would become a wedding photographer? Well, all that aside, here are the few pictures I did get, and I am hoping that Mandy will send me some of the pictures taken by her friend really soon! Here’s just a taste of what went down:

Mandy doesn’t like shower games, and I was so glad because I was just dreading having to do that. Instead, we decided that if we provided everyone with a really good lunch, maybe they wouldn’t notice the lack of games. We had a “make your own sandwich” bar, and I even made my cheese ball:

As for decorations and tableware, a girl who is going to be named “Paisley Grace” needed plates, etc., that were, of course, paisley:

I was excited that I FINALLY got to use my new punch bowl (a recent by-product of an out-of-control e-Bay glassware obsession):

And for dessert, there were cute little cupcakes from Mandy’s favorite bakery:

Don’t let the empty chairs fool you; we estimate that at least 40 people were there for the shower:

Jeromy’s Aunt Jan gave Pod a cute little tutu, among other things:

Mandy’s Grandma Lynda actually MADE this beautiful gown, complete with a matching bonnet, for Pod’s upcoming blessing day:

Mandy’s good friend, also named “Lori”, made this cute little “cake” out of disposable diapers:

Mandy made these cute little “owl” boxes, filled with chocolates, as her favors:

If you would like to see just how much Little Miss Pod was “showered”, Mandy actually posted some pictures on her blog, "Lackey Antics". I think Pod might be just a little spoiled when she gets here, but that’s okay!